Frequently asked Questions

Q: Can these reusable food storage bags store liquids such as juice and milk?
A:  Yes, these storage bag is both freezer-safe and leak-proof.

Q: Wash before using?
A: Yes. You should always wash any item you're going to put food in or on before using it.

Q: Can you label/write on them?
A: There is not a special space for labeling so I'd guess it depends on the marker that you use.

Q: Can you freeze food in them?
A: Yes - I have been freezing food in them and they work well. No problems with the bags afterwards.

Q:About how many ounces does the sandwich size hold? How does it compare to a quart size ziplock?
A:I think they are roughly the same size - perhaps millimeters smaller.

Q: Do these bags close easily? Do they stay closed?
A: Yes, they close easily and they stay closed.

Q:Has anyone frozen stuff with these?
A: I bought the gallon size, and put fish sticks, etc. in the freezer all the time. Fits better than a half-empty cardboard box and keeps things fresh.

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